What is an injunction?


Where can I obtain an injunction?

  • 庇护之家在利昂县法院有一个志愿者办公室,可以拨打850-606-4160联系. 该组织的志愿者将提供咨询,并协助填写禁令表格,并在避难所获得紧急住所.
  • Once the forms are completed, 禁令请愿书应提交给里昂县法院的里昂县法院书记官办公室, Suite 100, during normal business hours. Click here for current hours of operation. Clerk staff will create the case and take the file to the judge for review; there is currently no filing fee for filing for an injunction. 如果法官认为请愿书有价值, 法庭会发出临时禁制令及聆讯通知书.
  • During weekends and holidays, 可以到利昂县法院寻求协助, located at 301 South Monroe, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10 a.m.,届时将有一名助理书记员和一名法官出席.


  • 听证会必须安排,答辩人必须亲自送达一份请愿书的副本, Notice of Hearing, and the Temporary Injunction. 听证会将安排在下次开庭时间.
  • You will be provided with copies of these documents; you must attend the hearing or the injunction will be dismissed.
  • 法院发出的任何禁制令在法官修改或撤销之前将继续有效. 所有禁令的副本都在当地执法机构存档.