Internet Crimes Against Children (廉政公署) & 数码鉴证组

廉政公署 investigations employ various undercover techniques to detect and apprehend child sexual predators.  廉政公署 investigators also endeavor to educate parents, 老师, 检察官, 执法, and other individuals and groups about crimes committed against our most precious citizens and what they can do to help prevent such heinous crimes. 

自2005年以来, the 利昂县警长’s Office has been a member of the North Florida 廉政公署 Task Force (NFITF), which is comprised of investigators from 36 Florida counties stretching from Brevard County to Escambia County.  The mission of the 廉政公署 Task Force is to protect the children in our community from becoming victims of child sexual predators. The NFITF is one of three such task forces in Florida.

This 数码鉴证组 is responsible for digital evidence recovery or computer forensics.  The 利昂县警长’s Office frequently seizes and searches computers, cellular telephones and other digital stor年龄 devices in association with all types of criminal investigations.  These devices hold valuable evidence artifacts that can be very helpful during criminal investigations.  Devices are searched and evidence extracted in a forensically sound manner in order to assist detectives in furthering criminal investigations related to 暴力犯罪, 金融犯罪, 廉政公署, 入室盗窃, 失踪人员, 想要的人, and a host of other incident types.